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We present to you - NOMMAD

Our innovative and one of a kind project that offers countless possibilities for building the perfect home in nature, while protecting the environment. If you decide to choose NOMMAD, building a home at your desired location will never be easier. Save your time and money on administrative formalities. Just enjoy, relax, and choose NOMMAD as a solution for all of your problems by investing smartly. Your home in nature is expecting you and the environment thanks you.

The NOMMAD module can be easily installed at every available space, without any additional complications. The reason why is because the module itself is a modern and luxurious self-sustaining container that enriches and adorns nature and all public areas without harming them. Our company delivers and installs the module at your desired location. Building a house has never sounded easier, but in this case, it is reality.

One of the biggest advantages that this project offers is that the modules have the option to be multiplied. For example, if the 27m2 module does not satisfy your needs and you are looking for something more, there is the simple option of adding another module and getting a small, flexible, and well-organized cabin. Additionally, you can add as many modules as you want without a problem.

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Our concept offers an amazing opportunity for all hotel facilities that have available land space in order to increase their capacities and offer their guests new and improved features. With their minimalistic and sophisticated design, these modules fit in perfectly in the urban areas of cities and offer many business opportunities without overcrowding the public space.

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For the first time in Macedonia, a new and luxurious modular concept

  • - It fulfills all the requirements for a modern lifestyle
  • - NOMMAD is energy efficient, eco-friendly, durable, built from recyclable materials, self-sustaining, and can be custom made
  • - With low energy led lights and a smart-house electrical system