The high quality of HOT-HOT is a result of the tradition in the making of wooden houses. Life and rest in HOT-HOT houses made of logs is in perfect harmony with nature. Get the nervous and stressful life back in a natural, peaceful and healthy life and enjoy the beauties of nature. HOT-HOT houses made exclusively of wood with a circular or semicircular section offer a comfortable living space and natural radiation to the greatest extent. The quality of HOHOTHOT houses is high both in shape and variety of aritectonic forms and in the important properties of the tree as a building material. Proper processing of the tree as a living matrial research, technological development and long-term experience guarantees high qualities and that HOT-HOT is located in the leading places in Macedonia and beyond. HOT-HOUSE houses adapt to the individual life of all inhabitants without limitation, from planning to construction to your taste and lifestyle. Unlike the rest of the materials, the tree breathes, which means that the tree is diffusely and passable in both directions.

Wooden walls always regulate humidity in the room by absorbing moisture and releasing it when the outside temperatures change. The tree can withstand more than 100 years of different weather changes. Wooden structures are more resistant and more flexible than steel or masonry. Wood is a natural and environmentally friendly material. Except as a building material, the tree with its structure, color and odor affects human health and as such is considered the healthiest building material. The wall panels are made of ecological OSV plates and are coated with plasterboard plates. As an insulating material, natural mineral wool and styrofoam are used, which are excellent natural, thermal and sound insulation. The electrostatic properties of the wood prevents static electricity and dust flow in a room that is very useful for people who are prone to allergy. Unforgettable is the feeling of one night sleeping in a cave.