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From 1-II-2012 in order to contribute to the greater success of the action buy a house, buy an apartment reduces the prices for users of that project from the current 295 e / m2 to 280e / m2. A house of 80m2 now costs 22,400 The 105m2 house now costs 29,400 Welcome to our premises to prepare project documentation, contract and give you an application for a bank. Required documents to apply for the construction of a house - Property title on your behalf (the land from the property list is in the construction area) - A plan from the municipality - An ID card an Identity Card -The remaining conditions to be fulfilled by the "BUY HOUSE - BUY STAN" project as -The applications should not exceed 900ev per month -You do not have a real estate (apartment, house) on your behalf (more precisely, please contact us at

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