The HOT-HOT CITY settlement is the first of a series of neighborhoods to be built in the future. The settlement extends to an area of 17 000 m2 and as a whole it is fenced.

HOT-HOT CITY is located 700 meters from the Skopje bypass and is asphalt road directly connected to the junction. This type of housing is widespread in America and in some other countries and it provides security, intimacy and exclusivity in housing. Each merchant at a HOT-HOT CITY facility receives a property certificate. Before signing the contract it is necessary to sign a notarial act with the code of conduct.

The settlement itself is an infrastructure for itself and its contents provide an exclusive safe and safe life. Within the company HOT-HOT that will manage this and all other settlements there will be services for horticultural maintenance of the yards, sluzba for maintenance of the pools, the house -master service. The use of these services will be at will of the buyers.

The provision of the wish together with the monitoring will be carried out by professional providers 24h a day and this will be a monthly fee for every owner in HOT-HOT CITY.

The entrance and exit for the owners in HOT-HOT CITY will be with special chip cards, and visitors will be able to enter with prior approval from the owner.

  • Security in your homes
  • Main input with ramp
  • Cams and neighborhood monitoring
  • Fitness center
  • Private Billard Club
  • Super Market
  • Kindergarten and library
  • Plots of 220-500 m2
  • Objects of 100-250 m2
  • Objects with pool and BBQ
  • Walking and jogging tracks
  • Private Street
  • Code of Conduct